I occasionally have Companion puppies available.  All puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration, no exceptions.  A Limited Registration allows you to enter any performance or Obedience events, but does not allow any progeny from the dog to be registered.  Here is my philosophy on this.  If they are the best puppies in the litter, they will not be available as Companions.  And if they are companion quality, they should not be bred.

I often get asked about pricing.  My Companion puppies are sold for between $2000 and $2500 usually.  If they have a major fault (for instance, going to be too big, occasionally more than one color, incorrect bite, etc.) , they go toward the low end or even lower.  If, however, there are too many of the same sex in a single litter, there might be a truly show quality puppy available at a Companion price.  I can recall even ten years ago when a trip to the vet cost around $25 – $50, and a 25# bag of dog food cost $10 – $12.  Those prices have now doubled (or tripled), not to mention the cost of the genetic DNA testing available now that I do take advantage of to ensure I am breeding the healthiest puppies I can. This is by no means a profitable venture, I work full time to support my “dog habit”!!

All of my puppies leave me no earlier than nine weeks of age, and with a Health Certificate from my vet, according to Florida Law.

Lastly, please keep in mind, that you can find less expensive pure bred Miniatures.  But if you buy an inferior puppy, take it home and fall in love with it, you might have many hundreds or thousands of dollars in vet bills to right the puppy if it is not healthy!!  Just don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish”.

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